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Thanks Day

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Thank You to All Who Contribute to a Longhorn Education

It takes an entire community to educate a Longhorn. And for that, we designated Nov. 13, 2013, as Thanks Day to give a Texas-sized “Thank you” to everyone who makes a Longhorn education possible.

For current students, tuition and fees only go so far. In fact, if UT Austin operated on tuition and fees alone, classes would end by mid-November – just 11 weeks into the school year.

Thankfully, UT doesn’t just run on tuition and fees, which account for only 24 percent of the overall budget. The majority – 76 percent – comes from our supporters, who range from our family and friends to the state of Texas.

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Since so many people make a Longhorn education possible, we want to send a big shout-out to you – UT parents, alumni, donors, faculty, staff, taxpayers, state legislators, and everyone else – for playing a role in our students’ education at The University of Texas.

With support from so many sources, it really does take an entire community to educate a Longhorn.