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UT eTribute

Tribute name Donated by Date created Occasion and/or date
The UT Tower Richard and Lisa Brown 12.17.07 70th Anniversary – 2007
Cody Brown Richard and Lisa Brown 03.02.07 February 2007
George Wilmot Tex Brown Richard and Lisa Brown 11.29.06 November 15, 1945 – November 23, 2006
Larry R. Faulkner Nancy J. McCowen 08.02.06 President UT-Austin – April 1998 to February 2006
Lillian Grace Hilley Nay Nancy J. McCowen 08.02.06 June 27, 1921 – September 20, 2005
Jerome W. Albritton The Albritton Family 05.30.06 Retirement/January 31, 2007
Tim Matthews Glenda Sims 05.18.06 July 2004
Orange Jackets Sheena Paul, President, and OJ Members 2005-2006 05.02.06 The University of Texas
Victims of the Tower Tragedy The Office of the President 05.02.06 August 1, 1966
John and Katherine Jackson The University of Texas Geology Foundation 05.01.06 Life Partners, Investors in Texas
Larry R. Faulkner The University Leadership Council 04.30.06 27th President, The University of Texas at Austin
Vincent Young Alumni and friends of UT Austin 04.30.06 National Champion
Omar Ochoa Friends in Student Government 04.30.06 UT Student Body President 2005-2006
Elizabeth Brummett Jay and Sheri Brummett 04.30.06 BA 2006