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Repeat donors enhance UT one gift at a time

Giving News

Student studying on the UT campus

By Jamey Smith

Annual Giving is a fundraising method most alumni are familiar with, whether through the traditional student phone calls or mailings. While many choose to support UT in this way at some time or another, often multiple times, there are dedicated donors who make it a point to give regularly, year in and year out.

Kristi Brown

Count Kristi Brown, left, among them. “I have an exceptionally satisfying career thanks to UT,” the 1993 pharmacy graduate says, “and love the idea of giving those who come after me the same opportunities I had.”

Another alumna who gives each year is Martha James. The 1940 Liberal Arts graduate was a librarian for decades in several different states and has remembered UT and her two other alma maters along the way through annual gifts.

“The University of Texas library was really my inspiration, and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for it,” James says. “I first expected to teach, but then when I was working on my master’s, I had my own carrel in the library and was able to place books on reserve. Something just clicked for me when I was given those privileges, and I was set on my way to becoming a librarian.”

Annual Giving donations go a long way to enrich the educational experience at the University at a time when state funding provides less than a fifth of the annual budget. In addition to strengthening academics, supporting priorities in whichever college, school, or program the donor chooses, and increasing opportunities for students and faculty, annual gifts even boost UT’s reputation. U.S. New & World Report and other organizations factor in alumni giving participation rates when they compile their university rankings each year.

So the next time you see a UT phone number pop up on your caller ID, give that earnest undergraduate caller a few minutes — and perhaps a bit more.

Learn more and give online at the Annual Giving page.

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