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Longs Give $1 Million to Butler School of Music

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Long on generosity and long on love for The University of Texas — both “longs” are a good description of Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long, two of the University’s most prolific philanthropists. The Longs have added to their already considerable UT legacy this year with three new major gifts: a million-dollar endowed chair in piano and $500,000 piano scholarship endowment at the Butler School of Music, as well as a million-dollar gift to the College of Education to endow fellowships for graduate students and faculty.

Teresa and Joe Long

Distinguished Alumni Teresa and Joe Long

“We hope to accomplish two things with both of these gifts,” says Joe Long, referring to the Butler School endowments. “One is to always have a professor of piano of national and international stature who will attract very talented students — we hope among the best in the nation. Secondly, with the gift for scholarships for piano students, we hope to further this goal and enable an outstanding professor in piano to offer scholarships to the very best students they can find, which in the end will greatly enhance the reputation and standing” of the school.

Joe, BA ’51, LLB ’58, and Teresa, BS ’48, M.Ed ’51, PhD ’65, have each received the Distinguished Alumnus Award for their extraordinary contributions and service throughout UT and the Austin community. “Joe and Terry have exemplified devoted, results-oriented philanthropy that sets an example for all of us who love Austin and the University,” says Doug Dempster, dean of the College of Fine Arts. “They’ve certainly inspired me to try harder and give more.”

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