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Saadia A., College of Pharmacy

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Saadia A., College of PharmacyAt the College of Pharmacy there is something called “The Invisible Curriculum” — as pharmacy students, we not only read textbooks and attend pharmacotherapy labs, we also interact with patients. For example, my colleagues and I conduct blood glucose screenings and provide health advice at a local grocery store every month. We are also encouraged to attend national conferences so we can network with peers and professionals.

I am really motivated by the work of pharmacists and professors I meet at these conferences — especially the UT alumni — and without support from the College of Pharmacy Annual Giving Program, I may not be able to attend.

Since being at UT, I have learned that pharmacists can make both an individual difference for a patient and a more widespread difference through public policy work. The College of Pharmacy does a great job exposing students to a wide variety of pharmacy career options and topics, from independent practice to teaching.

As a member of the UT Pharmacy Council Philanthropy Committee, I have learned that even the smallest gift can truly make a difference in a student’s life. Change a Pharmacy student’s life and make your gift online. If your donation helps just one student make it to a conference or national event, it truly will be worth it.


Saadia A.

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