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Jessica T., McCombs School of Business, BBA Program

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Jessica T., McCombs School of Business, BBA ProgramWhen I applied to UT, I didn’t know much about the McCombs School of Business. But when I started thinking about what I wanted to do after college, I knew that having a business degree would provide me with so many opportunities no matter what career path I wanted to take.

My family was extraordinarily supportive of me entering business school, but they were also realistic about the cost of a college education and encouraged me to apply for scholarships. Because of financial support from the Annual Giving Program, my focus is on classwork, networking, and participation in student organizations instead of worrying about how I can afford my education.

My experience with McCombs has solidified my career goals of retail merchandising and marketing. As a freshman, I was completely immersed in my coursework. Then I was exposed to the exciting extracurricular activities offered at McCombs, like serving on the Undergraduate Business Council and working part time in the Undergraduate Program Office, where I could apply my classroom skills to real-life scenarios and organizations.

Without the help of scholarships, I would have so much added stress to my college experience — having to work more and worry about how my family was going to pay for my education. Because of the support of alumni and friends, I can focus on academics — both inside and outside of the classroom — and fully take advantage of my McCombs experience.

The Annual Giving Program makes college affordable for BBA students and helps make McCombs one of the best business schools in the country. When I enter the business world after I leave UT, I know I will be a donor. As an alumna, I will help shape the legacy and status of McCombs and UT as a whole. Becoming a donor is part of the UT tradition. Help change a BBA student’s life today and make your gift online.


Jessica T.

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