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Erin S., College of Education

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Erin S., College of CommunicationAs a high school student in Weimar, Texas, I dreamed of going to The University of Texas at Austin. Unfortunately, my family’s financial situation made it seem like just that — a dream. I applied on a whim and was thrilled when I was accepted. I was even more thrilled when I received the Hill Bank scholarship.

This amazing scholarship — made possible by UT alumni John and Elizabeth Massey — has changed my life. The Masseys’ generosity is proof that alumni and friends truly can change a student’s life. I hope you will make a difference by supporting the College of Education Annual Giving Program.

I’m a kinesiology major with a passion for promoting healthy living and fitness. The College of Education and its stellar faculty have given me opportunities and inspiration that will last a lifetime. For instance, Dr. Keryn Pasch’s research on childhood obesity motivated me to focus some of my outreach on adolescents in the community. I’ve also made great friends and connections at UT that will follow me throughout my life — both personally and professionally.

The great thing about giving back to UT is that you don’t have to fund a scholarship to change a student’s life. Gifts of all sizes can collectively help the college in ways like these:

  • Sending students to valuable conferences where we can get firsthand information from experienced professionals in the field.
  • Supporting student organizations, which help train us to become tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Enhancing our classrooms, labs, and gyms so we have high-quality equipment and resources to conduct our research.

When I leave campus, one of the most important things I’ll take is the thirst for knowledge that UT sparked within me. I’ll continue to learn and research new things every single day — and I’ll have the confidence to do so my entire life. Education students will benefit immensely from gifts of any size. Never underestimate your power as a UT Austin graduate. Help change an Education student’s life today and make your gift online.


Erin S.

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