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Charles F., School of Architecture

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Charles F., School of ArchitectureInternational travel is important for architecture students — it brings another perspective to our work and exposes us to designs we would never see in Texas.

As an architecture student, I went to Italy for a three-month studio course. Each weekend the class would travel to different parts of the country and learn about the history of buildings in each town we visited. By the end of the trip, I had completed a research paper on baroque churches in Rome and was ready to return to UT to apply the knowledge I had acquired to other classes and projects.

I’m grateful for the School of Architecture Annual Giving Program for providing scholarship assistance for students like me to afford to take classes abroad.

One of my most challenging courses so far has been the sound building studio course, in which students use all of the skills and techniques learned in their first three years to create their own structurally sound building schemes. I designed a Smart Car dealership in downtown Austin complete with showroom, technology gallery, café, and service center. It was a great project to test my knowledge, and I ended up feeling really confident about my foundation as an architect.

I’m headed to New York City for a seven-month residency this fall, and because of my experience inside and outside of the classroom I will be able to contribute a lot as an intern and gain valuable experience before I graduate.

Alumni and friends can really make an impact on students’ lives in our department. What I gained from traveling abroad is invaluable, and I hope that other students will have the opportunities I had to learn and experience architecture outside of the UT classrooms. Your support can guarantee that will happen. Help change an Architecture student’s life today and make your gift online.


Charles F.

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