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George Washington Littlefield


When The University of Texas at Austin decided in 1991 to recognize its most generous benefactors through an honorary society, the question arose as to what to call the new organization. One name stood out as an exemplar of the many distinguished individuals who have sustained and advanced the University throughout its history. George Washington Littlefield (1842-1920) was a member of the UT Board of Regents and a respected business leader who cared deeply for the University and gave generously. His gifts included funds to purchase the John Henry Wrenn Library and to build the Littlefield Fountain and Alice P. Littlefield Dormitory. Through a bequest, he donated his family’s home, which today is a beloved campus landmark. Another bequest provided the seed funding for the construction of the UT Tower. Littlefield gave more to the University during its first 50 years than any other individual. Through his gifts and active engagement, he personifies the philanthropic spirit at UT Austin.

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