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Adalia E., College of EducationI had never seriously considered attending The University of Texas at Austin until my junior year of high school when I was on a campus visit. But as my mom and I drove toward campus and I caught my first glimpse of the Tower, I said, “This is the place for me.” It felt like home.

I first became interested in teaching thanks to a geography teacher I had in high school. He offered a more creative, hands-on approach that was new to me, and it showed me how one teacher can have a significant impact on a student’s life. The College of Education has provided me with the knowledge and experience that will help me soon make a difference in the lives of students. And the support of alumni and friends has helped enrich that experience.

I’m proud to have been a Teresa Lozano Long Scholar. This support helped me purchase my laptop that was required for my Professional Development Sequence. This was a huge load off my shoulders and helped me focus on my field experience. I’ve also received additional support that has enabled me to be a part of such student organizations as Minorities in Education (MIE), where I currently serve as president. I’m also a Freshman Interest Group mentor and have been able to help freshmen transition into college — something I benefited from when I started at UT.

Your support can also help the college with:

  • Recruiting and retaining inspiring faculty, such as Drs. Jim Hoffman and Luis Urrieta, Jr., whose innovative teaching styles will stay with me long after graduation.
  • Enhancing our classrooms and labs to enable students and faculty to conduct groundbreaking research.
  • Supporting centers and institutes such as the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk and the Texas Child Study Center.

Your support can make a huge difference in a student’s life. Make your gift online today and help other students have the opportunities I have had.


Adalia E., ’11

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