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Kendra C., College of Fine Arts

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Kendra C., College of Fine ArtsThe College of Fine Arts has not only helped me excel in my chosen field, art education; it has also provided me with a foundation to talk about art in a variety of capacities and has opened up a world of possibilities for me. And the support of alumni and friends like you has played a major role in my journey.

I started working on a master’s at UT in 2005. Since then, I’ve been able to attend full-time only when I’ve received scholarship support from the college. I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive funding to attend conferences in such cities as New Orleans, New York, and Chicago. These conferences have provided me with incredible networking opportunities and opened a lot of doors for me.

Support from the college has also played a crucial role in helping me complete my thesis, which examines pivotal moments or catalysts in professional artists’ lives. Funding has made it possible for me to travel across the country to interview these artists face to face. In the process I’ve formed valuable relationships that will follow me well beyond graduate school.

Your support can help with:

  • Increasing curriculum enrichment by covering the cost of living for arts-education students living in South Texas who are gaining valuable experience teaching K-12 students.
  • Supporting visiting lecturers, many of whom have been a major influence on me.
  • Providing scholarships to students in all departments of the college so that the current economy doesn’t interfere with a young artist’s goals and aspirations.

Support from alumni and friends gives students like me perspective on where we’re headed and confidence that we can accomplish something. Make your gift online today, and help other Fine Arts students discover their path and achieve their dreams.


Kendra C., ’10

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