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Tate F., McCombs School of Business, MBA Program

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Tate F., McCombs School of Business, MBA ProgramI grew up in a family that nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit, and I see a clear line from my lemonade stand and lawn-mowing business to my career in investment banking. I’m a native Texan, and I come from a UT family — my mom, dad, and sister all attended UT Austin. That, combined with the McCombs School’s prestige, made UT a natural choice when I decided to get my MBA. And the support of alumni and friends like you has made a world of difference.

Because of the scholarship support I received, I was able to think less about funding my education and more about taking advantage of the multitude of opportunities that McCombs offers. One of the most memorable was the chance to travel to Russia as part of the McCombs Global Connections Program, an international business course that not only broadened my perspective on the world but also exposed me to international business practices in corporations like ExxonMobil, Shell, and Citibank.

I am also proud to have served as co-chair of the MBA Legacy Campaign — an experience that taught me the vital link between alumni giving and institutional excellence. I am happy to report that the MBA Class of 2010 achieved 99 percent participation in the campaign and raised $178,000 to establish the McCombs Social Enterprise Fund, an endowment that will subsidize internships for first-year MBA students pursuing careers in a nonprofit, public sector, or for-profit social enterprise. Seventy-five percent of the top 20 business schools in the nation have similar programs. Now we’re right there with them.

Your support can also help the MBA Program grow stronger and fund priorities such as:

  • Recruiting and retaining top-notch students and faculty.
  • Funding research on important global issues like energy efficiency and sustainability, economic reform, and the evolving role of business in society.
  • Increasing the number of influential scholars to visit and lecture at McCombs and provide more opportunities for high-profile annual conferences to be held in our facilities.

In order for the McCombs School to be the best, it’s essential that alumni stay connected and show their support. Make your gift online today, and help other students enjoy the opportunities I have had.

Hook ’em,

Tate F., MBA ’10

Adrian Matthys
The University of Texas at Austin
Development Office
1 University Station Stop F1000
Austin, TX 78712

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