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Thanks Day Raises Student Awareness of University Funding

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University of Texas students celebrated Thanks Day on Nov. 10 to express appreciation to alumni, faculty and staff, family members, and everyone else who has helped them along their path to a higher education. Thanks Day also was an opportunity to educate students about the University’s funding structure and needs. The Student Government and Senate of College Councils sponsored the event, along with the Texas Exes Student Chapter and Students Hooked on Texas.

Thanks Day marks the end of the first quarter of the school year, which is about the same proportion of the University’s budget that is funded by tuition and fees. In other words, if the University operated on tuition and fees alone, classes would end on Nov. 10, or about 11 weeks into the school year. The remaining three-fourths is funded by other sources, including gifts from alumni and friends, state support, and grants.

As part of Thanks Day, students signed a giant thank you card on Gregory Plaza, as well as individual cards that will be mailed to alumni, parents, and UT friends. Students also participated in a video recording of thank you messages. With so many people deserving of thanks, not everyone can receive a personal message. But student leaders like Scott Parks, Student Government president, and Chelsea Adler, president of the Senate of College Councils, are happy to speak on behalf of their classmates.

“It’s so important that we acknowledge the support we receive from alumni, donors, parents, and taxpayers,” Adler says. “Without it, UT cannot come close to fulfilling its mission.” Parks directs his gratitude to everyone who demonstrates an “undying commitment to making the University the best it can be.”

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