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One Family’s Musical Legacy Helps UT Elementary

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Alice and Keith Maxie at the Rose bowl, 2006

Keith Maxie and his wife, Alice, created the Ira and Muriel Maxie Endowment to honor Keith’s parents and the impact music had on their family — something that started on his parents’ first date. Since childhood Ira had an eye for Muriel, but it wasn’t until that first date that he realized her singing voice matched her beauty. But Ira also had musical talent, and he showcased it in whistling recitals at the local community church. This musical match inspired the marriage that then produced the Maxies’ musical family, with Keith being the first of four children born to Ira and Muriel.

Ira and Muriel Maxie

Keith's parents and endowment honorees, Ira and Muriel Maxie.

Keith and his siblings may not have had the easiest childhood growing up in segregated government housing projects in Houston, but Ira and Muriel believed that exposing their children to music would broaden their horizons. They also believed that the study of music would teach their children academic discipline.

The musical training paid off, as each of Ira and Muriel’s four children went to college and finished their degrees, all while continuing to play music. Ira and Muriel often worked two or three jobs to ensure that each of their children received a college education.

Though Keith chose to pursue mathematics at The University of Texas at Austin, graduating with a BA in 1967, the musical notes have continued to strike a chord with Keith’s own family: Keith plays the clarinet and baritone sax; his oldest daughter, Kristene, plays piano and sings; and his youngest daughter, Kimberley, played clarinet and performed in her high school marching band.

Music isn’t the only passion that Alice and Keith share. They volunteer in neighborhood elementary schools tutoring and mentoring students, too. They want to expose schoolchildren to a musical education — just as Keith was exposed at a young age.

Alice and Keith Maxie read to the Little Longhorns on Dr. Seuss Day.

Alice and Keith Maxie at UT Elementary reading to the Little Longhorns on Dr. Seuss Day, 2012.

That’s when they realized a natural fit for the Ira and Muriel Maxie Endowment was supporting UT Elementary School’s music programs. The endowment will fund the purchase of musical equipment and supplies for the school’s newly established cultural-arts program.

An added measure: The Maxies can see firsthand how their endowment gift is making a difference in the lives of children while honoring the legacy of Ira and Muriel Maxie. Just as Keith had parents whose dedication to musical programs enriched his life, the Ira and Muriel Maxie Endowment will enrich the lives of UT Elementary students.

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