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Sam Woollard: the Power of Participation

Giving News

As someone who works with charitable giving every day, Sam Woollard of Austin knows the power of small gifts.

Sam Woollard

Sam Woollard has given to UT every year during the Campaign for Texas.

“One of the things I know from having worked with nonprofits is that small gifts oftentimes can be more flexible” because they’re less likely to have strings attached, she said. That makes it possible to address unexpected needs and opportunities as they arise.

And “many small gifts build up to be a large gift,” Woollard said.

Woollard knows what she’s talking about. The 1988 social work graduate is a principal in Successful Giving, a consulting firm that brings businesses and nonprofit organizations together to realize their philanthropic goals.

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Woollard does more than just talk about giving. She has given to UT every year during the Campaign for Texas. She believes in giving consistently.

“It’s difficult for organizations to rely on funding if it’s intermittent,” she said. “If there’s some regularity then it helps them to know how to build their budgets.”

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