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McCombs annual campaign raises $2 million and alumni participation rate

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Lisa Michelle Frankel

Alum Lisa Michelle Frankel's donations put the McCombs campaign over the $2 million mark.

The McCombs School of Business is celebrating two successes after concluding its annual alumni fundraising campaign: raising more than $2 million and increasing its alumni participation rate to 8.1 percent.

McCombs alumni came together to raise the money through one-on-one appeals to their former classmates, many delivered via Facebook and Twitter. In all, 6,300 alumni contributed to the annual campaign.

Alumni participation is key to a healthy university

The McCombs Alumni Relations and Annual Giving team is on a quest to raise the level of participation among alumni for good reason.

Some mistakenly believe top-tier schools are sustained by ?large donations of millions of dollars. While large donations are essential to achieving a school’s strategic goals like building a new building or purchasing new equipment, it is through annual gifts of smaller amounts ?that a powerful alumni network is created.

Year-after-year gifts ?enable individual programs to endure, affecting lives and careers for generations. Annual giving is also factored into the widely followed U.S. News & World Report college rankings.

The McCombs alumni participation rate had been hovering at 5 percent, and the school knew that the business alumni of The University of Texas at Austin had the potential for much greater engagement. Last year McCombs set its sights on achieving a 10 percent participation rate by 2014, and now it is marching confidently toward that goal.

Why give

Alum Lisa Michelle Frankel was one of the thousands who gave to the McCombs campaign. Her two donations of $50, one to the MBA program and one to the department of marketing, pushed the campaign over the $2 million mark.

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“When I got the appeal from Dr. Wayne Hoyer in the marketing department, it reminded me that alumni giving strengthens our MBA rankings and that every little bit helps,” Frankel said. “I feel as if I’m investing in the value of my own degree, and ‘paying it forward’ to the school that invested so much in me.”

Frankel, who is director of menu development for Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants, says one thing she values most about her educational experience is the “incredible network of alumni and professors who have impacted my life.”

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