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The Opportunity Scholars fund is a new way to help UT students obtain a degree without going into debt. In return for this opportunity, scholars and their families will be expected to contribute to the fund when they are earning money and benefiting from their education.

Over time, the endowment will grow to support more students as new funding is added.

The ultimate goal of the endowment is to provide the opportunity of a debt-free education to all UT students receiving financial aid.

Initially, emphasis will be placed on helping those with the greatest need.

The result? A diverse recipient pool with a common sense of shared responsibility to increase access for others who follow them at UT.

To confirm their commitment to this goal, recipients will sign a promissory note pledging to contribute to the fund when they are financially able.

Gifts of any size are welcome to help launch the Opportunity Scholars fund and make it a success. Questions? Please email Joe Wilcox, coordinator of endowment services in UT’s Office of Student Financial Services, or call him at 512-475-6212.

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