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How Scholarships Affected Me

Giving News

Anna Schattschneider, BA ’17
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Majors: Plan II Honors, History, German

Anna Schattschneider

Scholarships have allowed me to think outside the box and the classroom by giving me a unique educational experience. They allowed me to participate in the Normandy Scholars Program, in which I spent a summer in Europe studying World War II, and to conduct independent research in former secret police archives in Germany. Without funding, my education would have been a lot more conventional and less exciting and enriching.

This university has brought me face to face with the most amazing people, including students, professors, and staff. I think that is the beauty of this institution — it fosters learning in the most human setting: a community. The community I found at UT has helped me grow, challenged me, and confronted me in such a way that it makes me somewhat sad to graduate, but also excited to embark on creating such communities of learning in new settings outside the classroom.

My degree has allowed me to study a wide range of topics, and this interdisciplinary approach is something I hope to implement as I pursue a master’s degree in public history. I hope to make history interesting and tangible for an audience removed from academia. I realize donors are usually thanked for their money, and I think they also should be thanked for the experiences they make possible.

Anna has been supported by a number of scholarships including: the Thomas A. Sullivan Endowed Presidential Scholarship; the Matilda Weeden Barker Scholarship in History; the Dr. Bailey R. Collins/Ellene Collins Ward/Mary Sue Collins Hibbs Scholarship Fund; and the Charles Paul Shearn Endowed Scholarship.

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