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Development Guide:
Facility and Program Namings

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UT Austin’s naming policies follow the Rules and Regulations of The University of Texas System Board of Regents. For naming-related letter templates and gift agreements, please contact Brian Willey in the University Development Office at 475-9676 or

Process to Gain Approval of a Facility or Program Naming

Prior to discussing a naming with a prospect, you must have your dean submit a letter to the VP for Development (currently address to Lee Bash) requesting approval to negotiate the naming. This letter should include: name and EID of prospect, amount and proposed use of gift sought, description of specific space (include square footage) or program to be offered for naming, and any other pertinent details. With this letter you should attach a research profile on the prospect and/or anticipated naming honoree (request from Jada Garrison, Research Services).

The University Development Office will review and forward your request to the President and, if appropriate, to UT System officials and the Board of Regents to gain approval of your request to negotiate. An approval letter will specify the deadline by which negotiations must be completed. This pre-approval gives the gift officer certainty that the naming they offer will be approved, and gives the University a chance to check for potential problems that the gift officer may not see (conflicts of interest, overlapping proposals, concerns discovered during research, etc.).

Once you have completed negotiations and have a signed gift agreement, you must then gain approval of the naming as negotiated. Have your dean submit a letter to the VP for Development (currently address to Lee Bash) requesting approval to officially name the space or program. This letter should specify the exact name for the space or program as it will appear in signage, the room number of the space if available, the amount of the gift and pledge details, and an explanation if the gift terms differ from what was approved for negotiation. Attach to this letter floor plans showing the space to be named and the signed gift agreement. The VP for Development will review and forward your request to the President and, if appropriate, to UT System officials to gain approval of your request to name the space or program. Namings must not be publicized prior to official approval.

Important Notes

Corporate Negotiations/Namings – All corporate negotiations/namings must be approved by UT System. This will increase the turnaround time for approvals. Be aware that certain restrictions may apply to a proposed corporate naming of a facility financed with the proceeds of tax-exempt bonds. Specific corporate gift agreement templates must be used for corporate namings.

Turnaround time – Currently, requests that only need presidential approval (non-corporate namings for less prominent spaces such as classrooms, labs, offices) are approved about three weeks from the date we receive your request with all needed attachments. Requests needing UT System approval (corporate namings and prominent namings such as entire buildings or academic departments) are getting approved in two to three months. If you have specific, unavoidable deadlines, please let us know and we will try to expedite processing of your request.

Minimum Gift Levels – For interior spaces, the gift needed for naming should be no less than one-half the construction or replacement value of the space to be named. For entire buildings, the amount should be no less than one-third of the cost or value of the building. Brian Willey (University Development Office) can assist with acquiring building value information. Exceptions to minimum gift values can be considered if there are extenuating circumstances.

Please contact Brian Willey if you have questions. He can help determine gift levels, provide letter templates, and work to expedite your request. More detailed guidelines are also available.

Primary Contact

Brian Willey


Updated Aug 9, 2016

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