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Development Guide:
Regional Development

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The Regional Development Department facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between The University of Texas at Austin (UT); its colleges, schools and units (CSUs); and individual donors.

The Role of Regional Gift Officers

Campus-Wide Representative
Regional gift officers represent all CSUs of UT in designated regions of Texas and national cities. As an ambassador of all facets of UT, it is the regional officer’s goal to have a broad understanding of campus-wide initiatives and to match these initiatives to the interests of prospective donors. In addition to one-on-one collaborations with CSU development officers, the regional officer will learn about specific initiatives via CSU presentations to the regional development team.

Regional Strategist
Based on the unique culture of each region and/or city, the regional officer will assist in the design and implementation of overall fundraising strategies. This may include establishing a Regional Leadership Council. With the help of key volunteers, the officer will conduct peer screening of potential prospects to determine peer influence, gift potential, and current interest. This may also include initiating and coordinating Presidential events and visits, as well as media and other UT outreach efforts. Officers are available to help plan, coordinate and attend CSU events, as well as UT System and Ex-Students’ events in their designated cities when appropriate.

Regional gift officers are expected to carry a portfolio of 150 prospects who have the ability and inclination to make a minimum outright, planned, or deferred gift of $25,000 to UT. Officers will average 20 face-to-face visits per month and average 30 outright, planned and/or blended gift solicitations per year.

Current assignments for the Regional Development Team:

  • Amy Dunham – Dallas-Ft. Worth, Southern California, and Arizona
  • Catherine Ott – Houston, Corpus Christi, New York
  • EmilyAnne Skinner – Houston, Northern California, and East Texas
  • Joan Reed – Houston, Colorado
  • Whitney Kirk – El Paso, Dallas, West Texas, Atlanta, The Carolinas, Northern Florida
  • Melissa Linden – Waco, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, and Central Texas
  • Wendy Anderson – Central Texas, Chicago, and Southern
  • LeAnn Gillette – Pacific Northwest, D.C., and Houston (Principal Gifts)

Collaborative Efforts with CSUs

Timely communication between regional gift officers and CSU officers is critical to coordinate a seamless message to prospective donors. Below are guidelines to assist in collaboration and communication.

Regional Gift Officers will collaborate with CSU Development Officers by:

  • Strategizing with CSU officers on prospect management whenever donor interests are identified, unless the donor specifically requests to remain anonymous.
  • Consulting with the appropriate CSU officer prior to the submission of written proposals and endowment agreements to prospective donors who have displayed an interest in the CSU.
  • Informing CSU officers of the timing and scheduling of regional meetings and events.

CSU Development Officers will collaborate with Gift Officers by:

  • Providing up-to-date information on CSU development priorities and initiatives.
  • Providing access and introductions to Deans, Directors, and Faculty as appropriate.
  • Assisting with the development of major gift proposals tied to particular CSU programs and initiatives.
  • Informing regional gift officers of the timing and scheduling of development and alumni events being held in the regional gift officers’ regions.
  • Including regional gift officers (when appropriate) as secondary managers when prospects are identified in the gift officer’s region.

Primary Contact

Wendy Anderson, Executive Director

Updated 2/6/2017

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