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35 Ways UT Is Changing the World

Giving News

Three years into the Campaign for Texas, we are almost one-third of the way to our $3 billion goal. Since the campaign began in 2006, groundbreaking research and programs have emerged, including:

Please download the Campaign for Texas report. (PDF)

Download the Campaign for Texas report to see how UT is changing the world. (PDF)

    Creating an Insulin Pill to Replace Shots
    For those who suffer from diabetes, insulin pills could replace necessary injections by quickly transporting insulin through stomach acids, then lingering in the small intestine where insulin needs to be ingested.
    Inventing Technology to Kill Individual Cancer Cells
    Destroying a single cancer cell is possible with a laser “microscalpel” that sears a targeted cell so quickly and accurately that the lasers’ heat has no time to escape and damage nearby healthy cells. This is especially critical when treating cancer of the brain or other sensitive tissue.

Initiatives like these allow UT to make significant strides in research, technology, and education.

More Ways UT Is Making an Impact

To see 32 more ways UT is helping change the world, download our Fall 2009 Campaign Report (PDF).


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