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Grantseekers Guide

Many corporations and foundations are particular about how they wish to interact with the university. Corporations may have existing relationships with several colleges on campus and with specific faculty members. Foundations may only issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs), which are public announcements inviting proposals for a specific grant program. Other funders may restrict submissions to one proposal per year from each college or school, or the entire university.

Before contacting any corporation or foundation directly, please talk with your department’s gift officer or contact us for more information.

Coordinated Submissions

The following foundations have high-level relationships with UT Austin or specific requirements for engaging with the university. Please consult Maria Nehring, Senior Director of Foundation Relations, before contacting them.

AT&T Foundation
Brown Foundation

Cullen Trust for Higher Education
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Houston Endowment
W. M. Keck Foundation
Meadows Foundation
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Moody Foundation
St. David’s Foundation

To find open calls for proposals in your discipline, go to Search Grant Opportunities.

Limited Submissions

The Offices of the Vice President for Research (VPR) and Sponsored Projects (OSP) coordinate proposal submissions when the funding opportunity is governmental or research-related. Some of these may be limited submissions; that is, funding opportunities that restrict the number of applicants per institution. These are announced by the VPR or OSP, and an internal selection committee decides on the final candidate. More information is available at:
Limited Submissions–Office of the Vice President for Research
Limited Submissions–Office of Sponsored Projects

Private foundations may also limit the number of proposals they will accept from one institution. In such cases, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) may solicit pre-proposals from colleges, schools, and units to be considered for submission. CFR will convene an impartial, internal panel to select the pre-proposal with the best chance of receiving funding.