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Manage Your Grant

Grantseekers Guide

Congratulations! You got the grant. What happens now? The processes for accepting, managing, and reporting on funds given to UT Austin vary greatly and can sometimes be complex at our large institution.

Grant Agreements

The UT System Board of Regents has specific rules about who is authorized to sign grant and gift agreements. The Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Series 60101, Section 2, allow the chief development officer (in the University Development Office) to accept all gifts (other than gifts of real property or outdoor works of art) to UT Austin made in cash or in kind of $1 million or less. Gifts of more than $1 million (in cash or in kind) must be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval. In the case of state and federal contracts or sponsored research agreements, the Regents’ Rules, Series 10501, Section 2, allow the director, associate director, or assistant director of the Office of Sponsored Projects to execute the grant agreement on behalf of the university.

Deans, unit directors, and department chairs are not authorized to sign grant agreements under Regents’ Rules. All grant agreements must be sent either to the University Development Office or the Office of Sponsored Projects for signature by an authorized representative of UT Austin. 


Expect your check to arrive at the address you listed in your proposal. If it isn’t one of the three offices responsible for depositing and managing gifts and grants to UT Austin—the University Development Office (UDO), Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), or University of Texas Foundation—please make sure to deliver it to one of those offices as soon as possible to ensure that the funds are deposited promptly into the correct UT Austin account.

Processing Gifts and Grants through the University of Texas Foundation

Sometimes funders are required by their operating charters to award funds only to nonprofits with IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. In such cases you will need to submit your proposal through the UT Foundation (see Submit Your Proposal).

The UT Foundation accepts contributions from funders that must give to 501(c)(3) organizations and transmits those contributions in full to UT Austin (or other designated UT System components). When a grant is awarded through the UT Foundation, a subaward agreement between the university and the foundation is often implemented to clarify how the funds are handled and what party will accomplish the goals of the gift. The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) staff can help draft subaward agreements for grants processed by the University Development Office. The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) prepares subaward agreements for grants managed by that office. These agreements require signatures of authorized representatives from either UDO or OSP, depending on which office is handling the funds. Sometimes the principal investigator/project leader also signs the document.

For more information about the UT Foundation, visit For information on awards processed through the UT Foundation, contact us.

Stewardship:  Acknowledgements, Reporting, and Publicity

Gift Acknowledgements
All gifts from foundations and corporations should be acknowledged with a thank-you letter from the appropriate college or unit, signed by the dean or director of the program benefiting from the gift. Additionally, the president of the university sends acknowledgments to  corporations and foundations for gifts of $500,000 or more. The Vice-President of Development in the University Development Office (UDO) acknowledges corporate and foundation gifts of $100,000 – $499,999. The UDO handles all acknowledgments of these gifts, including those received via the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Reports on the Use of Funds
Narrative reports. The college, unit, or program benefiting from a grant is responsible for managing any narrative reports requested by the funder. CR/FR staff do not create or monitor these reports; however, we may work with the units to flag reporting deadlines and assist in gathering information and reviewing drafts. In situations where a gift benefits more than one unit, CR/FR may play a coordinating role in preparing and submitting reports.

Financial reports. For grants received through UDO, simple financial updates may be included as part of the narrative report, drawing on departmental accounting and tracking information. If the grant was received by OSP (for a scope of work project), the Sponsored Projects Award Administration office (SPAA) within OSP will issue financial reports to the funder as specified in the grant agreement.

A report on the use of a gift should be sent to a foundation or corporate donor at the end of the funding period, regardless of whether the donor requires such a report.

Guidelines for Gift Publicity
The Board of Regents has established policies and procedures to publicly announce certain types and sizes of gifts, especially endowments. These rules also apply to announcements of gifts received from corporations and foundations. Special care should be taken when making public announcements about such gifts. Many foundations and corporations, in transmitting a gift to the university, will include specific policies or restrictions relating to publicity. Some have media/public relations staff who should be consulted before making a public announcement. When a gift benefits more than one college or unit, it is imperative that public announcements be coordinated to the fullest extent possible. CR/FR, along with UT Austin’s Communications and Media Relations office, will work cooperatively with college or unit personnel in making such announcements.