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Grantseekers Guide

Development or OSP?

Early in the preparation of your proposal, you’ll need to determine how to submit it; that is, should you submit your proposal through your college’s Development Office or the Office of Sponsored Projects? This is important, as it ensures that any funds and grant agreements between the university and the funder resulting from the proposal are managed legally and properly. In essence, you’ll need to submit your proposal through the office that will accept the funds if you receive the grant.

The University Development Office (UDO) and the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) are both responsible for accepting funds—gifts, grants, and awards—to UT Austin from external sources. Broadly speaking, OSP manages awards from government agencies, and UDO manages gifts from individuals. Either office may handle proposals to corporations and foundations depending on multiple factors. These factors are explained in Managing External Funds at UT Austin; please review it to help guide your decision about where to route your proposal. You can also contact Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) staff for assistance.

University Development Office

The UDO is UT Austin’s central fundraising arm. UDO staff work across campus with colleges, schools, and units to support high-priority fundraising initiatives with individuals, corporations, foundations, and other non-government organizations. We in the CFR office can help you submit proposals that don’t require OSP oversight, such as requests for general support of an existing program or research project, endowment, construction, scholarships, and other charitable purposes. We serve as a liaison with the Offices of the President, Provost, and Sponsored Projects, as well as the UT System and UT Foundation, when the funder requests letters or special documents from those offices. We also assist with writing and editing proposals. For information about CFR’s post-award services, see Manage Your Grant.

Office of Sponsored Projects

OSP serves as the coordinating office for UT Austin’s externally funded research projects. Proposals submitted through OSP usually contain an itemized budget with defined outcomes or specific deliverables. Award payments are often contingent upon programmatic or fiscal reporting. Indirect costs are usually part of the budget. Please note that OSP handles all proposals and awards from government agencies.

To submit a proposal through OSP, the Principal Investigator (PI) must complete a Proposal Review Form via OSP’s Research Management System. A special user ID and password are required. Contact the eRA Coordinator (phone: 512-471-6424) in OSP for assistance.

OSP will review the proposal and notify the PI of any questions or concerns (please allow three to four days for proposals to be reviewed). Once approved, OSP can work with the PI to transmit the proposal to the prospective funder. Please see Proposal Administration for more information about OSP’s proposal process.

University of Texas Foundation

Most corporations and foundations will make grants directly to UT Austin, which is a tax-exempt agency of the State of Texas under Internal Revenue Code 170(c)(1). Some funders, however, are restricted by law to making grants only to nonprofits with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. In such cases, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) can help you submit your proposal through the University of Texas Foundation.

The University of Texas Foundation, Inc. (UT Foundation) was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System in 1967 to accept and manage gifts in support of the System or one of its components. The UT Foundation can accept contributions from funders that must give to 501(c)(3) organizations and will transmit such contributions in full to UT Austin for support of the proposed project.

If your proposal needs to be routed through the UT Foundation, please provide a copy to the Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) Office and allow at least two to three days for processing. CFR can provide tax-exempt documentation on behalf of the UT Foundation and additional supporting materials such as transmittal letters, audited financial statements, and Form 990s. (These documents can also be downloaded at Institutional Documents.)

For more information about the UT Foundation, visit For information on how to submit proposals through the UT Foundation, please contact us.