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Reinventing Higher Education in the 21st Century

the Forty

By taking advantage of the best of both worlds — the traditional classroom experience and innovative online technology — UT Austin is at the forefront of innovations in higher education.

Faculty are creating smaller learning communities out of large lecture classes — creating intimate learning opportunities and maximizing their interaction with students.

The Course Transformation Program has been finding more effective ways to teach large, introductory-level courses, combining online video lectures and interactive learning modules with in-class collaboration and feedback targeted to students’ individual learning needs.

Flipped classrooms, a key component of Course Transformation, encourage student success by giving students digital access to lectures prior to class. Students are then guided through a learning module, which helps the professor anticipate where the students need the most help in the classroom.

Looking to the future, UT Austin faculty are working to scale these new educational models. As a partner with Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, and other leading research universities, UT Austin is contributing to the development of a next-generation technology platform through the edX Consortium. UT Austin’s first Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on edX will launch this fall and will enable students around the world to experience award-winning UT Austin faculty and some of the interactive resources used on campus.