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Small Donations, Big Results

the Forty

Small Donations, Big Results

 “That’s just doing your part as an alumnus. You don’t have to get your name on a building, but giving something back is really important.”
Ryan Oliver, MBA ’06
Atlanta, Georgia


 “I’ve been giving maybe $100, $200 for 30 years, but if you do the math and the interest on that, it gets to be a big chunk of change. It’s like donating to your 401(k).”
Kyle McAdams, BArch ’86
Great Falls, Virginia


 “One of the things I know from having worked with nonprofits is that small gifts oftentimes can be more flexible.”
Sam Woollard, BSW ’88
Austin, Texas


“Costs keep going up every year, and state support keeps going down every year.”
Linda Avila, PhD ’86
Sandia, Texas

“If 1,000 people give $50, that’s $50,000. It all adds up.”
Steve Bryant, MA ’97, JD ’00
Houston, Texas