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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities


Texas Exes Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee is composed of dedicated volunteers who select and/or approve recipients of all Texas Exes scholarships and recommend policies concerning scholarship administration.  The committee is open to all Texas Exes members interested in students.  The committee meets as a whole at least once a year in the fall, and  several subcommittees meet each spring.

The committee objectives are as follows:

Develops and recommends policies concerning scholarship administration

Selects and/or approves recipients of all Texas Exes scholarships

Recruits top high school students to attend UT

If you are interested in participating on the scholarship committee, please contact Tiffany Gonzales at or 512-471-8095.

Exes for Texas

Ex4Tx volunteers support the ongoing efforts of the Freshman Admissions Center to attract top students to the University. Volunteers enhance the University’s ability to maintain personal contact with students and their parents. Doing so contributes to the University’s image and promotes public awareness of UT Austin as a top-quality institution that provides the best educational value for the student’s dollar.


  • To increase general awareness of the University as a top-quality institution that deserves the support of the general public and serious consideration from any prospective college student.
  • To make information about the University more readily available so all prospective students and their parents can make their decisions based on fact.
  • To provide prospective students with an ex-student’s personal perspective of the University.
  • To increase the number of alumni involved in the Ex4Tx program in order to make it more successful and to provide a rewarding, “continuing connection” with the University for interested alumni.
  • To increase the number of nationally recognized scholars and other similarly qualified students recruited to and enrolled at the University, as they have already demonstrated their scholastic potential.
  • To increase the number of high-ability students from traditionally underrepresented schools recruited to and enrolled at the University.
  • To utilize alumni assistance in the ongoing recruitment efforts of the Freshman Admissions Center.

To learn more information or to become a volunteer, please visit

Host a Food for Thought Event

Food for Thought is a program in which members of the Texas Exes host events for members of the Texas Exes student chapter. Hosting a Food for Thought event gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the University and interact with students from diverse academic disciplines.

Event hosts select the Food for Thought venue, date, time, food, and discussion topic. These wonderful gatherings can range from coffee on campus to formal feasts and you can host anywhere from four to twelve students. The program is ongoing throughout the fall and spring, and events can be hosted any day and time of the week.

Texas Exes staff will handle inviting and confirming the student guests. A host is only asked to plan and pay for the meal and the rest is just sharing your Longhorn stories and interacting with guests!

If you are a Texas Exes member and want to learn more information or to sign up to host a Food for Thought event, please visit the Texas Exes site.

UT Law Mentors

One of the Career Services Office most valuable and utilized career resources is the UT Law Mentor Directory. The Mentor Directory lists UT Law alumni and friends who are available to advise students on issues such as practice trends, legal markets in specific geographic areas, and other career related topics. Many alumni wonder how they can give back to the Law School. Becoming a mentor is an excellent way to do so.

As a Mentor, all you have to do is agree to make your contact information available to students who may want to ask you career-related questions. In doing this, you will not only help UT Law students and recent graduates in their professional development, you will also stay connected to the Law School, its students, and alumni.

For more information can be found on the UT Law School site.