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How Your Gifts Help Students

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A World of Opportunities to Change the World

How significant was the Campaign for Texas to students? Ask the current and future recipients of 846 new student support endowments. Just how significant was the Campaign for Texas to students? In addition to helping transform the undergraduate experience through a revamped core curriculum, first-year interest groups, and signature courses, alumni and friends established 846 […]

Adalia E., College of Education

I’m proud to have been a Teresa Lozano Long Scholar. This support helped me purchase my laptop that was required for my Professional Development Sequence.

Andy J., College of Liberal Arts

My dad lost his job just before I headed to UT for orientation. Thankfully, I was fortunate to have been a Rapoport Scholar, which provided crucial funds that enabled me to pursue valuable internships.

Kendra C., College of Fine Arts

I started working on a master’s at UT in 2005. Since then, I’ve been able to attend full-time only when I’ve received scholarship support from the college.

Eric S., McCombs School of Business, BHP Program

Support from alumni and friends gives students a sense of belonging and confidence that they can succeed. It says, “Someone who came before me wants to give me an opportunity.”

Laura A., McCombs School of Business, MPA Program

I was fortunate enough to receive three scholarships from the McCombs School. This support relieved a lot of stress and allowed me to take advantage of the many opportunities the school has to offer. Last summer I was able to study abroad and spent five weeks in Prague, where I was introduced to international accounting practices.

Lauren H., McCombs School of Business, BBA Program

I’ve had the opportunity to explore several interests — from Latin American culture to marketing — while discovering new ones, such as hospitality management.

Sijy M., College of Pharmacy

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy provided me with incredible opportunities that will help me on my path to becoming a great pharmacist.

Steven G., Jackson School of Geosciences

As a student of the Jackson School, I’ve had amazing opportunities I may not have had at other schools.

Tate F., McCombs School of Business, MBA Program

One of the most memorable was the chance to travel to Russia as part of the McCombs Global Connections Program, an international business course that not only broadened my perspective on the world but also exposed me to international business practices in corporations.

A. J. C., School of Social Work

“Coming to UT has been a life-changing experience. The most talented and well-known professors in the field are teaching me the skills and providing the knowledge I need to be a social worker.”

Lauren B., School of Nursing

“The highlight of my time at the School of Nursing has been my clinical rotations. I never imagined how much I would learn and the amount of confidence I would gain in just one short year.”

Nicole G., College of Communication

“I never dreamed I’d complete my final semester in Los Angeles, but that’s where I found myself as a student in the UT Semester in L.A. Program. This valuable opportunity gave me hands-on experience working in the center of the entertainment industry.”

Scott L., College of Natural Sciences

“I just finished my third year as a biochemistry student in the College of Natural Sciences. I joke that I chose UT Austin to balance out the Aggie-to-Longhorn ratio in my family.”

Charles F., School of Architecture

“What I gained from traveling abroad is invaluable, and I hope that other students will have the opportunities I had to learn and experience architecture outside of the UT classrooms.”

Eric A., Jackson School of Geosciences

“Being able to travel to Turks & Caicos to study carbonates in the Caribbean and taking a seismic research cruise off the coast of Oregon really cemented my interest in combining study of the earth with exploration of the oceans.”

Erin S., College of Education

“As a high school student in Weimar, Texas, I dreamed of going to The University of Texas at Austin. Unfortunately, my family’s financial situation made it seem like just that — a dream. I applied on a whim and was thrilled when I was accepted.”

Frances S., School of Nursing

“I’ve traveled to two state conventions and one national convention and have learned so much from the professors, peers, and nursing leaders I’ve met along the way.”

Jessica B., McCombs School of Business, MPA Program

“I chose the McCombs MPA program not only because it’s ranked No. 1 in the nation but also because of the European Double Degree Program. I was able to study abroad in this program thanks to three separate scholarships.”

Jessica T., McCombs School of Business, BBA Program

“Because of financial support from the Annual Giving Program, my focus is on classwork, networking, and participation in student organizations instead of worrying about how I can afford my education.”

Katherine H., College of Liberal Arts

“Plan II has nurtured my varied interests and given me the intimate experience of attending a small school.”

Kelly S., McCombs School of Business, MBA Program

“The fact that McCombs offers such great scholarship support played a large part in my decision to choose UT over other universities across the country.”

Lisa N., McCombs School of Business, Business Honors Program

“I became interested in business back in high school when I started my own tutoring company, so choosing to be a student in the Business Honors Program at the McCombs School of Business was also an easy choice.”

Saadia A., College of Pharmacy

“Since being at UT, I have learned that pharmacists can make both an individual difference for a patient and a more widespread difference through public policy work.”

Shaun T., College of Fine Arts

“For me, acting goes beyond just entertainment. It teaches life skills, public speaking, and communication. At UT, I’m able to join my love of acting with my love of education.”

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