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Jackson School of Geosciences

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The Jackson School of Geosciences, one of the largest and most prestigious earth sciences programs in the world, leads the way in geoscience education, research and industry. The Jackson School solves complex problems across Texas, the globe and our universe, investigates fundamental questions about how earth systems work, and applies our knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

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Campaign Priorities

Innovating from the Core

Fostering cutting-edge research and innovation is the cornerstone of the Jackson School’s mission. In order to harness our resources and propel the Jackson School into the future, we are keenly focused on key initiatives that ensure our continued success.


Key Investment Areas

  • High-risk, high-return research
  • Pipeline programs like GeoFORCE Texas
  • Rapid Response and other natural-disaster programs
  • Leading through the energy transition
Graduate Students

Enhancing Graduate Student Support

The Jackson School has some of the most sought-after and competitive master’s and doctoral programs in the country. Recruiting the best and the brightest graduate students to work alongside our renowned faculty and scientists on the critical research needed to solve society’s greatest challenges is key to our success and has earned us top ranking as the No. 1 Geology program in the United States.


Key Investment Areas

  • Doubling the number of graduate fellowships
  • Critical interdisciplinary programs like the Energy and Earth Resources master’s degree
  • Professional development opportunities

Unlocking Undergraduate Student Potential

As a top-tier geosciences program, the Jackson School is positioned to attract and recruit high-achieving students. By investing in the undergraduate experience – especially through scholarships and research – students will be prepared with the critical thinking skills to undertake tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

Key Investment Areas

  • Scholarship and excellence funds
  • Our world-class fieldwork programs
  • Jackson Scholars and Undergraduate Honors programs
Undergraduate Students
Investing in Faculty

Investing in Faculty and Research

Research is at the core of what the Jackson School does. We are working to solve some of the most complex problems facing society and pushing the boundaries of innovation to uncover the opportunities of the future. Providing opportunities to work at the leading edge of scientific discovery attracts top-notch faculty, scientists and students and ensures the Jackson School remains a preeminent scientific institution.


Key Investment Areas

  • Endowed fellowships, professorships and chairs
  • The University of Texas Institute for Geophysics and Bureau of Economic Geology
  • Endowed resources to secure and maintain critical scientific tools
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