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How UT Is Funded


There is a perception among some that UT Austin is a wealthy institution that does not need private financial support, but the facts tell a different story.

Shared PUF assets

Some misconceptions may stem from the existence of the $13.1 billion Permanent University Fund, or PUF. PUF assets include more than 2 million oil- and mineral-producing acres in West Texas, and some of the investment return goes to the University.

The revenue, however, does not go exclusively to UT Austin but to 17 institutions in the Texas A&M and University of Texas Systems. UT Austin’s share (the Available University Fund or AUF) for fiscal 2011-12 is $156 million out of the University’s $2.28 billion budget. That’s 7 percent, compared with 12 percent in 1984-85.

A smaller state share

The University receives other state money as well. In 1984–85, state appropriations provided 47 percent of the University’s budget. Today that share is only 13 percent.

Low tuition and fees

At the same time, the University continues to offer tuition and fees that are lower than many of its peers. Resident tuition and fees at UT Austin rank fourth-lowest out of a peer group of nine state universities. Tuition and fees account for one-fourth (25 percent) of the University’s 2011-12 budget.

UT Austin budget, then and now

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