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The University of Texas at Austin educates the world-changers of tomorrow. If you’ve been considering a gift to support UT students, prepare to meet your match! When you establish an endowed scholarship through the Texas Challenge, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. This 1:1 gift matching program allows you to double your impact and help open a door for our high-potential students from middle- and low-income families.

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Donor Quote Edward Blackwell

“I created my Texas Challenge scholarship with the intent of minimizing financial barriers to the Forty Acres. I hope my scholarship will have a ripple effect in inspiring curiosity, academic exploration and gratitude among future Longhorns.”

– Edward Blackwell, B.A. ’02
Created an endowed scholarship through the Texas Challenge

How it Works

  • Make a gift of $125,000 or more to support an endowed scholarship and it will be matched through the Texas Challenge. The gift can be made outright or as a pledge payable for up to five years.
  • You may choose to designate that your scholarship supports a student in a specific college, school or major, a particular Texas city or region, or any deserving UT student.
  • You name your endowment and, in doing so, can forever link yourself to UT, recognize organizations or honor loved ones.
  • All scholarships will be awarded by UT’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to support middle- and low-income students as part of the Texas Advance Commitment.
Student Quote Ronald Walters

“Your donations have allowed me to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my studies, and I can say that support has paid off, as I finished my first semester with all As and university honors. Your generosity means everything to me and my family. I will forever be thankful.”

Ronald Walters, Class of 2026
Ronald I. Hoffman and Deborah Abelio Hoffman Endowed Scholarship

Student Quote Jamie Mayes

“My scholarship made my education a gift and not a burden. I’m now able to take part in things that would have been financially unavailable to me, like studying abroad. Going to UT is my greatest achievement. I’m forever grateful for the chance to be a Longhorn.”

Jamie Mayes, Class of 2026
Dr. George Joseph Shia Memorial Endowed Scholarship

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As with any decision involving your assets and/or estate, we urge you to seek the advice of your professional counsel when considering a gift to The University of Texas at Austin.
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