UT Beautification

Growing a Beautiful Campus

The Forty Acres is a world all its own — an integral part of The University of Texas at Austin. The UT Beautification Council is a dedicated group of alumni and friends committed to making UT the most beautiful and distinctive campus in the country.

In partnership with University leaders, UTBC members develop, support and sustain landscape and capital projects with the goal of fostering a welcoming environment for students, faculty and staff, alumni and visitors.

UT South Mall

Start or Renew Your Membership

UT Beautification Council members meet on campus twice a year to tour campus, vote on projects and hear the latest updates from University leaders.

Start or renew your membership with an annual dues gift to the council. Membership years run from Sept. 1 – Aug. 31. Your generous donation goes toward our flowers, the maintenance of University Avenue and future campus beautification efforts.  

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2023-24 Membership Levels

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Junior membership

for those under 35


Marigold membership

includes one annual membership


Family membership

includes one Marigold membership and one Junior membership


Tulip Circle membership

 includes one annual membership plus additional support for the council

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Support Our Work

We welcome support for our work from all members of the UT community. If you are not interested in becoming a member but want to support the council’s efforts, you can contribute to the UT Beautification Council General Fund or the Stedman Family Gardens Endowment. Thank you for your generosity!

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UTBC Web Scarf

Silk and cashmere scarves commissioned for UTBC are available for purchase, and all proceeds directly support the council’s projects. Members interested in a scarf may send a message to UTBCscarves@stedmanwest.com.

Creating a New Legacy

Eliza Stedman, B.A. ’80, founded UTBC in 2018 after noticing some areas of campus that needed sprucing up. From those early days of the UTBC restoring railings and reviving the flowerpots on San Jacinto Boulevard, to the signature University Avenue project that reimagined the entrance to campus, the council’s work has made a marked difference in how people experience UT — a place to learn, celebrate, catch up and feel right at home.

Eliza Stedman, B.A. ’80

“We decided unanimously, right then and there, that this is going to be our legacy. It’s going to look great and be welcoming forever and ever.”

Questions about joining the UT Beautification Council?

Please contact UT Development at utdevelopment@austin.utexas.edu or 512-471-4000.

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