Our Tower: The Next 100 Years

UT is launching the first major investment in restoring, revitalizing and reimagining the Tower since its inception in 1937.
UT Tower
Since its inception in 1937, the Tower has become the most celebrated landmark on campus, serving as the backdrop for graduation ceremonies, athletic celebrations and personal milestones for students, faculty, staff and Austinites alike. It has been a symbol of academic excellence, a beacon for scholars and a unifying force in our community. Now, nearly 100 years after the Tower’s opening, the centerpiece of the 40 Acres is due for the first renovation in its history.

Our Tower: The Next 100 Years, a campaign launched in November 2023, offers Longhorn Nation an incredible opportunity to invest in and maintain the heart of our campus for current and future generations.

A worker adjusting a lighting fixture.
Two workers at the top of the tower discussing the exterior of the tower.

This initiative will restore, revitalize and reinvent the Tower, beginning with restoring the building’s exterior to its original grandeur and reimagining the surrounding spaces to make our campus more inviting to students, faculty and staff, and prospective members of the Longhorn family.

The restoration of this iconic campus landmark is a large undertaking and is possible only with the support of donors like you. The opportunity to carry forward the original bold vision of the Tower into the next 100 years is as exciting as it is ambitious. To learn more about the Tower’s history, renovation plans and how you can change the world through this project, visit tower.utexas.edu.

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