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Amazon and UT researchers make a powerful team.

A group of people observing a robotics demonstration.

The UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub will allow for closer collaboration between members of the University’s impressive robotics program.

Amazon’s values include a passion for invention and a commitment to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” In their pursuit of that goal, the company has selected The University of Texas at Austin — no stranger to changing the world — as its sixth university partner.

Leveraging the collective strengths of both organizations, Amazon and UT have launched the UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub. This multi-year science and engineering initiative will power breakthrough technologies, prompt new discoveries and address significant challenges — all while creating solutions whose benefits are shared broadly across all sectors of society. With initial research areas focused on machine learning, image and video processing, robotics, and networking and communications, the new hub is poised to quickly become an influential voice in the technology and logistics fields.

“Amazon Prime Video is thrilled to be a founding partner in establishing a University Hub at UT Austin. For years, our top scientists have been a resource to UT Austin graduate students,” says BA Winston, vice president of technology at Amazon Prime Video. “With this hub, I look forward to seeing more cutting-edge research that will not only enhance our customer experience, but also help us envision longer-term research goals.”

“I am eager to see what new discoveries come from this collaboration that will help change the world.”
— President Jay Hartzell

The five-year partnership will center on four collaborative pillars — Ph.D. fellowships, research gifts, sponsored projects and community events — and create an innovative environment for participants from local to international communities to accelerate science and jointly solve challenges of societal and real-world impact.

“UT Austin’s strategic plan, Change Starts Here, outlines our goal to partner with industry to pioneer new models of service, learning, health care and research,” says President Jay Hartzell. “The launch of the UT Austin-Amazon Science Hub is a manifestation of this commitment, and I am eager to see what new discoveries come from this collaboration that will help change the world.”


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