Supporter Spotlight

“I want to support UT’s efforts to become even more affordable and diverse.”
AllisonMiller LLbadge


B.A. ’98, J.D. ’04
Houston, Texas

Texas Law Annual Fund
Liberal Arts Council
Student Emergency Fund

My undergraduate education did everything that college is supposed to do, and it has enriched me in more ways than I can count. I had the entire university at my fingertips — the classes, the activities, the programs. I was fortunate enough to be in the Plan II Honors Program, to study abroad for a semester, and to join the Liberal Arts Council. My fellow LACers became my tribe, and many of them remain some of my closest friends today. When I applied to UT for law school, it was my Plan II professors who wrote me recommendations. I support UT because UT supported me. I am also committed to strengthening its ongoing efforts to become more affordable and diverse, which brings even more voices to UT’s vibrant, dynamic community.  Even though my gifts are small in comparison to some others’, I consider it crucial to give back any way I can. I am so grateful for my time at UT, and hope others can benefit the same way I did.

Allison is a 5+ year member of Longhorn Loyal, which honors UT’s most dedicated supporters — those who give year after year. Donors are automatically enrolled after making gifts to UT for three consecutive years and receive a commemorative decal and thank-you gift for every year they give. Learn more about Longhorn Loyal.

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