Five years after its founding, take a look at the impact of UT’s President’s Award for Global Learning on students, faculty and communities around the world.
TA PAGL team in the Galápagos islands, Ecuador

A PAGL team in the Galápagos islands, Ecuador

The world has gotten smaller, but its challenges have gotten bigger. Five years in, we take a look at how UT’s President’s Award for Global Learning has empowered students and faculty to address real-world problems and make a global impact through in-country work.

The President’s Award for Global Learning connects small student-faculty teams with international partners, funding and administrative support to research global challenges and make a worldwide impact.

By working together, students and faculty design, develop and carry out projects that deepen UT’s impact and deliver on our promise that what starts here changes the world.

Five Years World Changing Research Facts and Figures

“My goal since high school has been to conduct research on an international scale—a goal I thought would take four years of undergraduate work and then years working on a Ph.D. to achieve. My President’s Award for Global Learning experience was the culmination of everything I’ve always dreamed of experiencing—10 years earlier than I ever expected.”

Bianca Busogi
Senior, Plan II Honors & Biochemistry
Project: Building for Sustainability in the Galápagos

PAGL Collage
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Changing the world

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