Worlds of Possibility

With his world-changing gift, David Booth is helping UT explore secrets of the universe.
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What starts here reveals the universe. As part of a consortium of 13 leading institutions, The University of Texas at Austin has helped develop the Giant Magellan Telescope, the world’s most powerful astronomy tool. A world-changing gift of $10 million from visionary philanthropist David Booth increases UT’s access to the equipment, which will help students in the College of Natural Sciences peer far into the universe and attract stellar faculty to campus.

“UT Austin competes with other universities for faculty and for students,” says Dr. Taft Armandroff, director of UT’s McDonald Observatory. “Having the Giant Magellan Telescope is an incredible lure to draw people to our graduate program and to our faculty.”

Donors like David Booth keep UT Austin on the front lines of the future: sparking the imagination and driving discovery.

This video is part of World-Changing Gifts, a series highlighting the impact of transformational investments made during UT’s What Starts Here fundraising campaign.

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